Premier League coach - “...In all honesty, I’m really impressed with this.  I think the idea and the concept is fantastic. Not only does it stop the ball flying wide/over, it’s easy to set up, but also I think a great selling point, particularly for people with smaller gardens is that you don’t have a 6x8 metal goalpost sitting in the corner of your garden all year round getting rusty whilst not being used.  I also completely agree that kids can try more complex shots. I remember when I was younger and playing in the garden I’d probably ‘play safe’ to try and avoid having to knock on number 65 again for my ball back! Now, without that concern, kids can put more power into their shots, shoot more regularly without wasting time collecting their football, and ultimately, I’m sure, actually have more fun!  …….  ……..really impressed with this and really do think it has a lot of potential, both with the kids and parents. “ 

Feedback from trialling parent – "... It’s great!  However the thing that’s missing from your marketing blurb is that it completely transformed the way I played with Daniel.  We just spent an hour smashing the ball at each other.  He used more energy than I’ve ever seen him use; and I enjoyed not having to do soft kicks in case I missed.  There was a noticeable difference in how we enjoyed the game without being inhibited by the thought of missing…"