In 2019, at the International Sports Show in Germany, Open Goaaal won the prestigious ISPO award for best Team Sports product.


Open Goaaal has appeared on Dragon’s Den, the famous BBC TV programme featuring business innovations.

It's manufactured at one of the world’s leading trampoline factories in China; meaning the quality is very high, and that it complies with all the required safety guidelines.

It’s sold around the world in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, France, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Respected footballing icons like Rio Ferdinand, Lucho Garcia and Liverpool Football Club have their own.

The most common reaction from parents is “I wish I had one of those when I was a kid”.

The most common reaction from that parent’s friend is “Haha!  You were so bad, it wouldn’t have made any difference!”

Your kids will play for hours on end, and love their Open Goaaal!

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Manufactured and supplied under licence from Open Goaaal Investments Ltd.