NEW - The Monster! - Full Size - 7.3m x 2.4m Goal, in 4.0m high Backstop/ Rebounder

€425,00 €499,00




This product is truly giant!  A "Full Size" goal surrounded by an enormous 4m high backstop.

A Full Size Goal + Rebounder + Backstop, All-in-One.  And at a fantastic price.

Shoot time and time again, at full power, to the most critical areas of the goal, without the distraction of missing and fetching the ball.    

Like all other Open Goaaals, no digging is required.  Pole spikes are stamped in.  Anchors are twisted and hammered in.  It is held in position by 10 guy ropes.

Very sturdy structure - Galvanised Steel Poles. 35cm Super-thick Spiral Anchors. Quality Bungee to absorb a professional-speed thump of the ball.

Dimensions - White Goal: 7.3m x 2.4m. Black rebound net: 11.3m wide x 4m high. Guy ropes extend beyond.

This is a premium product, built from quality materials, designed to withstand and rebound 1000s of full power shots.

HOW MUCH SPACE DO I NEED?  You need an area that's 15.3m wide x 2.5m deep.  See the measurements picture.


IT'S NOT PORTABLE.  Once installed it can be moved occasionally, and taken down; but it's not intended for regular moving of location.

NOTE - This is a training product (for pitches or home) and NOT a game goal. That's because the front guy ropes at each side stretch on to the pitch. See the pictures.


This product arrives in 2 cartons.